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Product Photography


Exceptional product photography is the result of meticulous attention to details that collectively enhance the visual appeal, convey product details, and captivate your viewer's attention. 

There are the many elements that contribute to great product storytelling and we are passionate about custom tailoring solutions that meet your specific needs.  Working collaboratively with you, we will learn about your products and brand and bring your vision to life.

We offer both e-commerce and product life-style photography.  Both are important in your marketing campaigns and work together to strengthen your brand.

We create custom tailored solutions

Studio Product Images / E-commerce Photography

  • Product is isolated for clear and detailed imagery;
  • Clean, neutral backgrounds, often white, grey, or solid colours;
  • Focus on colour accuracy;
  • Consistent visual style across all product images.

Studio Product Life-Style Photography

  • Showcasing your product in an inspiring environment;
  • Creating a narrative and emotional connection with your audience;
  • Mood lighting and backgrounds for adding context;
  • Props and models may help illustrate the product in use.

Our approach is complete including a creative consultation, preparation of mood-boards as well as prop sourcing and styling as required. 

Mosaic Photographika will ensure brand consistency with imagery that speaks volumes, while maintaining a cohesive look across all your marketing materials.

Let us make your products stand out and shine – frame by frame.


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