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Xenia, Frame by Frame

Hello, and welcome to Mosaic’s world of business branding photography, where your story is our focus. 

"Mosaic" isn't just a word; it's a promise. Together, we will celebrate your brand through visual storytelling expressing the personality of your business. Your brand's journey will be told frame by frame, connecting you with your audience.

Your brand is unique, and so is the experience I offer. It's a perfect blend of professionalism and inventiveness, ensuring that every session is not only productive but also comfortable and fun.


Your brand's personality will be expertly conveyed through the lens, creating a mosaic of images that celebrates who you are and what you represent.

My focus is to capture the essence, heart, and the very soul of the subject. With each photograph, I seek to grab the remarkable moments that express the depth and strength of your business, creating a photographic mosaic that makes your brand unforgettable.


When you choose me as your photographer, you are selecting a professional visual storyteller with an extensive and diverse background; someone who approaches each session as an opportunity to share and celebrate identities – whether they're personal or business-related.

I look forward to learning your story and helping you share it, frame by frame.